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The successful town is narrow in the north and south, and the settlements of the various ethnic groups are located on the coastal plain from north to south, and the Ami are the main ethnic groups. There are eight administrative divisions in the jurisdiction, and the current population occupation is the largest in agriculture, followed by fisheries.
長官致詞       豐年祭       舞蹈表演       熱鬧跳舞
There are a total of 14,391 people in the successful town (the housekeeping statistics in February 2006), of which the Ami indigenous population is 7,624. The Ami is a mother-in-law optimistic and simple, unpretentious singing, original dance steps, and the sound of the wind and the waves. Its life and ceremonies have long been integrated with nature.
The Harvest Festival is the essence of the traditional culture of the Ami, and it is also the activity that best shows the characteristics of the Ami. It is of great importance to the continuation of the ethnic group and the preservation of the culture. From the south to the north, there are small horse tribes, Duli tribes, Toyota tribes, peace tribes, Qilin tribes, Minfeng tribes, Sanmin tribes, Zhitian tribes, Sanxian tribes, Meishan tribes, Xiaogang tribes, and Yushuiqiao tribes. There are fourteen tribes, including the Chong'an tribe and the Yiwan tribe. From July to August each year, the tribes have chosen time to start the annual harvest festival. The lively dance and joyful singing scenes can make the travellers sink into the thick Ami style.
You are welcome to share the joy of the annual Harvest Festival, accept the original baptism, and experience the philosophy of life where Ami and nature coexist.



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