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1, The pony tunnel
the pony tunnel
After the war, the Pony Tunnel was rerouted to the Taiyuan Tunnel by the highway unit. The successful townspeople believed that the tunnel was located in the Xiaoma section and was called Xiaomayuzhen in the early years. The renamed Taiyuan Tunnel was not appropriate.
It is actively operated. Due to the information provided by Lao Wang He Sheng, the townspeople representative will pass the "Tunnel should reply to the name of the Xiaoma Tunnel" in the 8th temporary meeting of the 17th. The town office conformed to the public opinion. In October of the Republic of China (2004), the tunnel was renamed the Xiaoma Tunnel and the monument was made on the left side of the east exit.
The Pony Tunnel is constructed of reinforced concrete with a width of about 3.5 meters, a height of 3.75 meters and a length of about 100 meters. The construction history is more than 30 years. Except for the two ends after the war, they are slightly renovated and coated with cement. Excavation marks. From the Pony Tunnel to Taiyuan, the concept of "Glen" can be realized. It is limited to single-line traffic. It is "open and clear". A circular 50-watt bulb can also be seen in the tunnel for lighting purposes. It is quite special.
2, Jiaping Beach
Jiaping BeachJiaping was renamed as Yanbin in the original Ami "Additional Society". In the 12th year of the Showa era (1937), it was renamed as "Jiaping". In the broad sense, "plus only come", from the south to the Silang Bridge in the north, to the scope of the former social service before the war; the narrow plus plus, that is, the current Jiaping, the main tribe of the Japanese government.
3, The Ministry of Communications Tourism Bureau Eastern Coast National Scenic Area Management Office
the Ministry of Communications Tourism Bureau Eastern Coast National Scenic Area Management OfficeThe East Tube Office was built in September of the Republic of China in September. It manages the entire Huadong Coast tourist attraction. It is located in the successful town of Taitung County. It faces the sea in the back of the mountain. It can be seen in the town of Sanxiantai in the north and the green island in the south. The environment is excellent. The East Geological Department houses the Natural Geology Museum, the Ami Cultural Exhibition Area, the Prehistoric Culture, and the Whale Dolphinarium. There is also a multimedia briefing room for 225 people and the East 
4. Xingang (Rainbow) Waterfall - Stone Mining Area

Xingang (Rainbow) Waterfall - Stone Mining Area

Originating from Xingang Mountain, it is the largest waterfall in the eastern coast of Taiwan. Follow the Sanmin industrial road to the mountains, into the valley, up the river, the megaliths in the valley are stacked, the stream is clear, the original forest on the west bank and the vines are densely covered, lying on the snowy sloped rocks, setting the wonderland. All the way to the forest, until you reach the small canyon, you can enjoy the magnificent scenery of the Newport Falls. The ecological landscape of the terrain near the waterfall is also quite rich, and it is worth a visit to the river.


5. Xingang Fishing Port
Xingang Fishing PortXingang Fishing Port is the most important fishing port on the East Coast and is famous for its seafood and firewood. The return of fishing boats to Hong Kong in the evening is the most lively moment. The sound of the auction is mixed with the joyful atmosphere of the fishermen.
It is also an important base for Whale Watching on the East Coast; as the construction of the Newport Fisheries Building is completed, the shape of the boat is more prominent in the center of political and economic functions.
6, Haisheng Museum
Haisheng MuseumLocated at the intersection of Guangfu Road and Gangbian Road, it has the only water quality living system equipment display area in the country. The museum displays the eastern fish ecology and migratory fish in the ocean pool. It is a leisurely and light-hearted tour. You are welcome to experience the surprise together. .
7, Waterfront park
waterfront parkThe waterfront park is adjacent to the Pacific Ocean in the east, the successful commercial waters in the west, the old man's clubhouse in the south, the Xingang fishing port in the south, and the Sanxiantai in the north. The vision is vast, and it is refreshing and forgetful. Come here to listen to the sound of the sea or enjoy the waves, a good place for the whole family to relax.
8, Foding Mountain (Orange Mountain)
Foding Mountain (Orange Mountain)From the hillside of Xingang Mountain, you can see the success of the town, surrounded by green mountains and green waters, setting off her fresh and refined. Night mountaineering can enjoy a little light, and the fishing fire spreads across the ocean in the distance. It is even more charming.
9, Natural History Education Hall
Natural History Education HallThe Taitung County Natural History Education Center is located on the successful coastline of Taitung County. It is divided into two floors and displays a variety of ecological and biological profiles on the coast. It also has elegant chairs for reading books, while enjoying the beautiful scenery on the Taitung coastline. If you can understand its ecological and environmental awareness, it is more fun! The existing collection of 475 species of shell specimens and a variety of ore, especially the Weng Snail family is the most eye-catching.


10, Three cents

Ten, three centsThe geology of Sanxiantai Island belongs to the Tuyushan block rock. It turned out to be a horn. It was gradually broken off the neck and neck due to seawater erosion and became an offshore island. In the past, visitors who wanted to visit Sanxiantai could only use the ebb tide to wading through the water. In the 76th year of the Republic of China, the eight-arched cross-sea bridge was completed. The wave shape is like a dragon lying on the sea, connecting Sanxiantai and the island. It has become A famous landmark on the eastern coast.
The Sanxiantai Island covers an area of about 22 hectares and the highest point is about 77 meters above sea level. Surrounded by coral reefs around the island, due to strong weathering and sea erosion, the island is surrounded by natural wonders related to the story of Sanxiantai, such as Xianjian Gorge and Hehuan Cave, and is scattered with sea erosion ditch, acupoints, sea erosion columns, sea erosion walls, etc. Sea eclipse landscape, the island tour is quite interesting to visit.
11, Based on the birth canal (walking trails)
based on the birth canal (walking trails)The coast from the vicinity of Sanxianguoxiaobei to Sanxiantai is called giaw, gihaw. Since the bay on the south side of Sanxiantai is the entrance to Hong Kong before the Xingang fishing port was built, it was named "Kifu". It may be Ami, meaning "the place at the bay or the place with a bay." Since the end of the war, the 8th Neighbourhood has been renamed "Three Immortals". Therefore, "Ki Kei" mainly refers to the 9th Neighbourhood of the Gulf Port.
12, Bai Shoulian Fujia Creek Millennium Old Banyan Tree
Bai Shoulian Fujia Creek Millennium Old Banyan TreeThe millennium old banyan tree that grew on the Qilin Cultural Site was no longer in existence since the typhoon struck in the Republic of China in 1996. The old banyan tree is intertwined and has a wide area. The shade of the trees is a good place to cool off.
Reference: The source of information is the Taiwan Tourism Information Database.


13, Stone umbrella - beach, man stone
Thirteen, stone umbrella - beach, man stoneFrom Sanxian Taipei, 6 kilometers to the stone umbrella, the limestone uplifted sea erosion topography, the narrow and long rock slanting into the sea, the landscape is unique and magnificent. There are several sea-eroded rock pillars shaped like umbrellas on the shore near the rock. It is called a stone umbrella. At present, there is only one independent. In addition, not far from the west side of the road, there is also a large limestone column, commonly known as the "Men Stone". Because of its unique shape, visitors are not smiling.
There are also many unnamed reefs in the area, which are also very ornamental. Visitors can view the pavilions in the designated area management area of the Eastern Coast.


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