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This site is committed to suring that its site is accessible to all users. The accesskeys used by this site are designated as an alternative for people with disabilities.
The Accesskeys used by this site are designated as follows:

This website is based on the design principle of accessibility and uses keyboard shortcuts to strengthen the browsing convenience.The following keys are set as the Access keys ( or speed keys) of this website.
Alt + U:The top of the main menu links area.
Alt + C:Main content area shows the content of each page.

※When this website project labels is nuable elects by the mouse spot,you may use the following keyboard operating mode to glance over the material
← → or ↑↓:Presses the left key and the right key or on the key and under the key moves the label order。

Home or d→:May move directly to the label first item or the last item。

Tab:Pauses after this label, may move using the Tab key to the content page glances over this material, meets when the radio button please
coordinate to use ← → or↑↓to move the project order。
Tab + Shift:Presses Tab + Shift to be possible the round trip migration to the previous material;
When moves to the label project you may continue to use ← → or↑↓to move the label order。



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